M4 Quattro and M5 Multisystem Formula Longboards

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  • For pintails add 0.5cm (5/16″) to back side fin distances
  • M5 Multisystem is recomended for all tail types if fin box is used
  • A Thruster style longboard is not possible with the M4 or M5 longboard formula
  • Recommended distance of front fin trailing edge from rail 1-5/16″
  • Longboards for big wave surfing .. mix of Gun and Longboard formulas for stiffer feel.
  • The positions provided will be updated as further testing is pursued: stay tuned
  • The recommended fins for Quattro setup are M2 front and M2 tail fin back

Width between back fins

For boards over 9 foot add 1/16″ 0.15 cm to distance given
between back fins
 for each 3 inch 7.6 cm increase in board length.