Searching for Tom Curren with Quad


A great mix of footage shot by various film and video cameramen from the video ‘Searching for Tom Curren’.

The footage at the right hander ‘Jeffrey’s Bay’ with Tom wearing a wetsuit colored with pink flanks shows Tom riding a four-finned ‘McKee Quattro’ 6’11″ x 18″ x 1-5/16″ swallow-tailed gun. The board is a 1992 version characterized by a fairly spread-out fin cluster with the rear fins being larger than the fronts and set back fairly close together on the tail. This gave the board amazing hold and drive but Tom needed a back foot on the tail to get it to pivot well of the top.
Tom combines his talent with this rare and strangely obscured surfboard technology of the era, to provide some epic footage.
The surfboard ‘quivers’ of the past may reveal some new directions for the future.
May the search go on… And not in the darkness!